In any Level 1 class that you take with April, you will learn basic Kinesiology, or your “yes/no.”

I didn’t really start using kinesiology until after I took Level 2, “Advanced Applied Kinesiology,” but when I did, I started using it all the time.  I used it for everything, just to hone my skills and to try to get that skill to become a gut instinct instead of a question all the time.  I used it for which doTerra oils I needed that day, what vitamins to take, Which supplements to give my horse, how much grain to feed, which sauce to buy, what lotion would make me itch,(I’m allergic to lots of personal care products), etc… And to my surprise..everything started working!  I found out what was causing me to be itchy!  I felt better all the time.  My oils and supplements started working better.

But then, something else started happening that really amazes me.  I would look at products online for my horses and I would ask if my horse needed it, get my yes or no, and order based on that.  I would question why I would need something, and then the reason would show up…for example, I don’t usually keep MSM, but my horse went through a jar of it, and I thought …I should order another jar, just in case.  Then, the volcano erupted (I live on the Big Island, Hawaii, and I kept getting a yes to feed them MSM.  Then April told me that Dr. Regan Golub said it was good to take for people to help clear out their lungs in poor air quality.

Then, I order DoTERRA every month on a royalty rewards program.  I do the same thing…I look through, and get my yes/no’s.  So, I get a couple of odd things.  I get a yes on the OnGuard cleaner and on Fennel.  Two products that I NEVER use, yeses on Eucalyptus, and Melaleuka which I also rarely use. After I get the Eucalyptus and the Melaleuka, I buy a horse that has a wound on her hind leg that needs treatment.  Lo and behold, I need the Melaleuka to clean it up.  Then the yes for the cleaner and the Fennel come up, and the horse I bought kicks the heck out of me, and April says to used Wintergreen, Spearmint and FENNEL for pain!

Then, even MORE amazing, the cleaner.  I have no idea what the cleaner is for…I have a rainwater catchment tank that needs to be cleaned very badly, but my horses drink the water from it, so finding a product that is safe to use is very difficult.  Guess what?  I use my yes/no to see if the OnGuard cleaner is safe to use…IT IS!  This is the reason I got a yes to order it.

I just find it amazing that Kinesiology is now able to predict what I will need in the future as well as what I need today.  I am so thankful that I have a tool that I can use to help me and my horse be healthier!