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Dear New Member,

Thank you so much for being part of our Holistic Horseworks Members Club. We have designed this hub so that we can all forward our understanding and knowledge of horses and holistic health.

Membership is split into two levels, platinum and bronze.
Regardless of level, you have access to all posts and organized information!

We also have a chat feature that you can use to communicate directly with other members and feel a sense of community. In today’s world, being able to meet other horse lovers in a safe and convenient fashion is such a blessing!

How to Chat:
This is a perfect place to get to know everyone, make friends, and have fun.
Please be respectful, kind, and courteous in all communication. If you are having issues or someone is being disrespectful, please let an admin know.

Please use the post feature, with your own questions, comments, things you learned through Holistic HorseWorks, or your observations from applying these techniques.

To Make a Post:
Click on ‘Make a New Post’ and give it a relevant title so that people can easily find and relate to your post.
Use the body of the message for your message.
Definitely use the provided categories so that all of this great information will be automatically organized and searchable.

Feel free to upload a 5mg or less pic that adds to your post.
Click on the submit button and the post will be submitted to our system.
And, guess what?! You can keep track of your specific posts by using the drop down page ‘My Posts.’

We have a way to post about your horses, keep track, (brag:), and share the equine journey.

Add a Horse:
Please fill out the fields for name, birthdate, breed, and sex.
Then use the the big box to keep track of your horse and record your equine holistic health journey.
Feel free to add a picture 5mb or less and then click the button that says ‘Add a Horse.’
Then you can keep track of each horse by using the ‘My Horses’ on the drop down menu and update the story of each of your babies.

Membership site etiquette:

Becky Howell
The Holistic Success Coach
Creating happiness, abundance, health, and freedom

Coaching is to help someone become more functional, it is never intended to take the place of professional mental therapies or the advice of your MD.