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Your 3 Month Membership


For our students only-not offered to the general public. A way to start studying now!

I am offering this 3-month training special only to our students that have enrolled in clinics this year that have been postponed. Instead of the $250 member join fee it is only $50 for 3 months of use and studying.

Inside the member site, you will see April’s level 1 and 2 classes in 30 min segments to watch on TV or listen to on MP3 while you do your chores. These videos are not on DVD anywhere else so you can start learning what we go over in the classroom and be more prepared for when our classes resume. You will also find some healing testimonials as well as some other important personal growth information.

This special does not come with the Skype session or free distance readings. Please email me if you have any questions

If you’d love to stay in our Global member site past the 3 months email before the 3 months is up how to continue the 1st year membership. $75 a year after that cancel anytime.


The membership club is the place to be for serious to horse lovers of all disciplines and experiences. Whether you are brand new to horses or worked with them your whole life this is the informational site for you. April and her team have created a space to ask questions, watch curated videos, get the insider information, watch class videos, have access to April through Q&As, and enjoy extra product perks and discounts.