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MagHealy Portable Atmospheric Scan and Treatments

This latest innovation from Healy World supports you in harmonizing your surroundings through the emission of a magnetic field. It is light, portable, and discreet, so you can create positive energy everywhere you go— home, work, the barn, shows, and travel.

MagHealy complements the original and widely successful Healy. Together, they create a synergy, like an orchestra performing a frequency symphony.

Healy focuses on the Bioenergetic Field of the individual and is designed to promote internal wellbeing, whereas MagHealy addresses your space through a pulsating magnetic field aimed at harmonizing your surroundings.

The electrical force and the magnetic field are two complementary aspects like Yin and Yang. With these devices combined, you will be unstoppable on your path to better wellness. Use it for yourself or share it with your family, friends, pets, and even your horses.

Visit Healy World now to activate wellbeing with just the touch of a button.