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To collect the 2 distance readings we have created a coupon you can use two times [only]. Please use this link  & use coupon code: 2FreeReadings when you are ready to schedule a Distance Reading Report.


To collect & schedule your free Skype session with April use this link:  and use coupon code: LetsSkype [usage restricted to 1 time]


Coronavirus and what we are doing to protect ourselves and you!

A virus is usually transmitted by touching something and then also touching your face or eyes. This includes handrails, seat belts on planes, door handles and the list goes on.

I travel with Colloidal silver in a nose spray bottle and apply 1 drop each eye and in nostrils before entering the airport and every few hours and can apply to fingers. I also mist to back of my throat if I feel the need. Colloidal silver is a natural Antibiotic, Antiviral and Antifungal. I choose the Dynamite brand at 200 PPM (parts per million product called Solace) >