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About Us

We are so excited to be launching this new global support system for horse lovers everywhere.

April will be sharing private class information along with her 10 Certified Instructors throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and US.

Our professional backgrounds and hands-on experience will be shared with you in a variety of ways with all the information accessible and organized. It will be a convenient and connected place to see what’s happening with our horses’ health across the world.

We also are opening our calendar to allow other holistic horse professionals to post their classes as we want this to truly be a world wide support system. We are even working on setting up a holistic horse hotel network which we are super excited about!

Future plans include inviting specific holistic Vets to join us in the search for new and better ways to help or equine athletes in our podcasts or webinars.

Thank you for helping and being a part of this globally connected effort to improve the life and health of our horses!

Holistic Horseworks LLC

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